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      SharePoint Saturday- The 5 Top Takeaways [ Giveaway Announcement]

      In this post, we’ll share the top 5 takeaway attendees couldn’t stop talking about at SharePoint Saturday and winner’s of our Smart Ring Give Away!

      If you couldn’t make it to Microsoft 365 Saturday ( A.K.A SharePoint Saturday) on July 27, 2019, you may be suffering from a bad case of ?F.O.M.O. right about now. With Rockstar presentations from the tech industries most respected SharePoint experts and vendors showing off the latest product’s, it was a literal marathon of back to back SharePoint bliss.

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      Why Techies Love SharePoint Saturday NYC?

      “The Big Apple” is home to some of the tech industries most respected and admired expert’s and this year, over 500 attendees packed Microsoft Headquarters in New York for a full day of learning provided by thought leaders such as Microsoft MVP Thomas Daly, and Peter Ward.

      Company representatives from every industry imaginable leveraged the opportunity to connect directly with presenters and industry peers. Manny looking for answers to their organizations toughest IT hurdles weren’t disappointed with what they heard and saw that day.

      The 5 Top Takeaways from SharePoint Saturday NYC

      The Keynote

      This year’s Keynote address was presented by none other than SharePoint expert and Microsoft MVP Thomas Daly. Watch the Live Stream – to experience a taste of what SharePoint Saturday has to offer, as well as a couple of presentations.

      Micrsoft 365 Security & Governance

      With the Equifax settlement on a lawsuit over the 2017 data breach trending in news feeds, attendees were abuzz with how they can best guard against threats internally and externally at their companies.? Presenters and experts at the even’ t were in agreement around the inportance of utilizing Mircosoft’s? Information Protection tools that arent always on the top of mind.

      SharePoint Classic Vs. Modern

      A company portal is a virtual public square for your end-users to find and share critical information. Peter Ward’s presentation on SharePoint Classic vs. Modern demonstrated the flexibility of the platform. You can view his presentation here

      Analytics and SharePoint Adoption

      Companies more than ever are focusing on SharePoint Adoption to mitigate risk’s and ensure an ROI on their software investment. Workshops only work when you frame the training around the end-user and how they consume content in your portal.? Tools like NGAGAE Intelligence are designed to allow you to see this data that SharePoint Admins turn into actionable strategies based on hard data.


      The networking opportunities were endless this year’s SharePoint Saturday. With two floors filled with sponsors and their products to browse, attendees were rushing to get their Bingo cards stamped by as many as they could. Attendees were also treated to a catered lunch from sponsors and with the QR code name tag, exchanging information was a snap. Making SharePoint Saturday a Networking success.

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      You Missed Out…

      SharePoint Saturday NYC has grown from just 200 attendees its first year to over 500 attendees in 2019. Attendees and sponsors alike agree that this was one of the most successful years for a community that only seems to be growing.

      If you did don’t make it this year, there is always next year or you can check out SharePoint Saturday’s website for an event in another city you will be visiting in the near future! Until next year, keep your thirst for more Microsoft training under control with a training course in Microsoft 365 from Soho Academy.


      Congratulations to the Winner of our Smart Ring Giveaway, Richard NG.

      All participants should keep an eye their inbox for swag giveaways and a chance to win a FREE CUSTOM WORKSHOP.


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      Every month a new winner!- Fill out the form below to enter for your chance to bring SharePoint Saturday to life for you and the team back at the office.

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